General questions

Is it really Unlimited?

Yes, it's really unlimited! No restrictions.
however, carriers may limit the communication speeds for any users who engage in great quantities of data communications within a short period of time.

What is the coverage of Sushi Wi-Fi?

We use the SoftBank network, see our coverage here:

Are there any transmission fees?

No there are no transmission fees.

Can I use my Phone with Sushi Wi-Fi?

Yes! Any device capable of using Wi-Fi can use our Sushi Wi-Fi service.

Can I extend the rental of my Sushi Wi-Fi?

Yes, however there will be an increased charge of ¥500/day instead of ¥299/day.

What should I do if I want to extend my rental time?

If you would like to extend your rental time, send us an extension request email at least two days before the end of your rental period at with the subject “Extension Request”. Please include your order number, name, and the day to which you would like to extend your rental to. We will send a confirmation email saying if your extension request has been accepted or denied. *We may not be able to extend your rental during times of low stock.

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About the SushiWi-fi

How fast is the Sushi Wi-Fi?

We have download speeds up to 150Mbps and upload speeds up to 50Mbps.
※Actual speeds may vary based on unforeseen circumstances such as network interference caused by the area's geography and network reception strength for the given area.

What is the battery life of Sushi Wi-Fi?

Our pocket Wi-Fi has a 2,300mAh battery which is rated to last around 17 hours depending on your usage. From testing, we have found that it will run out of battery in about 4 hours. However we include a free powerbank for the duration of your rental which will charge your pocket Wi-Fi to full over four times on a single charge.

How many devices can be connected to the Sushi Wi-Fi at the same time?

A total of 10 devices can be connected at the same time.

How big is the Sushi Wi-Fi?

Our device is a 110.0mm x 66.0mm x 17.0mm (4.3 in x 2.6 in x 0.67 in).

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About Orders

How and where can I receive my Sushi Wi-Fi?

Once you have ordered your Sushi Wi-Fi, come pick it up at Shibuya, Akihabara and Asakusa. More detailed information is on our homepage. Additionally, if you have purchased the shipping package, we will send the Sushi Wi-Fi to your hotel. or the private address that you have specified or post office or QL Liner in Airport.

When should I order my Sushi Wi-Fi?

You can order at any time, even on the day. We have same-day and one day shipping. For more infomation click here.

Can I get my Sushi Wi-Fi the day I order?

Yes, but only if you are coming to pick it up at our Shibuya, Asakusa, or Akihabara Pickup Locations, and Narita Airport. Additionally, if you select same-day shipping until 12:00(UTC+9) on the day it will arrive by 21:00(UTC+9).
*If you do not have a person at the location to receive it, do not select this option. We will not be held responsible if a pickup cannot be completed.

What payment method is available?

Only credit and debit cards are available at the moment.

Do I need to sign a separate contract with a provider?

No, we will never ask you to sign a separate contract with a provider when renting.

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Delivery and return

Can I pick up my Sushi Wi-Fi at the airport?

Yes! At the moment you can come pick up your Sushi Wi-Fi at Narita (NRT), Haneda (HND), Kansai (KIX), Centrair (NGO), and New Chitose (CTS) International Airports.

What if I want to receive my Sushi Wi-Fi at Narita Airport?

If you wish to receive your Sushi Wi-Fi at Narita Airport, please select the airport option and then Narita Airport in the order form when asked to select your pick-up location. There is a reception service available at Narita Airport at the QL Liner counter, so please head there to pick up your Sushi Wi-Fi.

How do I receive my Sushi Wi-Fi at an airport other than Narita Airport?※Only for People who Chose Airport of order form "Select your pick-up location".

You can come pickup your Sushi Wi-Fi at post offices located within each available airport other than Narita Airport. At these post offices, please present your passport and the tracking number of your Sushi Wi-Fi which we sent in the confirmation email and tell them that you are here to pick up a package. The attendants at the post office can speak English so there is no need to worry about any language barriers.

Can you ship to AirBNBs or share houses?

Yes we can; however, many locations do not have a person on-site and packages are often returned. Due to this, we ship our packages to a nearby Shipping/Post office by default - which you can visit to pick up your package. In many cases, post offices located in the central area operate 24 hours for added convenience. We will send you the information and map of the post office through email. Please go to it and present the number and your passport at the post office counter to receive your package.

How can I track my Sushi Wi-Fi?

We have a very helpful guide for you here to help you track your package.

What about canceling my order?

You can cancel your order as long as your Sushi Wi-Fi device hasn’t shipped yet which is about 3 days before your pickup date (ex. If your pickup date is on the 13th be sure to cancel on the 10th) to get your order refunded. (All times in GMT+9)

How to return your Sushi Wi-Fi?

We provide a Return Kit with your Pocket Wi-Fi when you receive it. With this you can put everything inside and then put it in a postbox located nationwide in Japan. You can also send these through convenience stores inside Japan such as ‘Lawson’. Additionally, there are postboxes inside airports, so it is possible to send the return kits back inside the airports.

How to return your Pocket Wi-Fi at the Airport?

Please put everything into the return envelope and put it in a post box. You can do this anywhere and does not need to be at the place in which you received your pocket wifi.
If you are returning your pocket wifi at the airport there are no post boxes after the security checkpoint so please be sure to put your pocket wifi into a post box before going through it.

Why don't you provide a backup battery with Expedited Shipping?

Beginning March 2017, national laws in Japan have changed regarding shipping standard lithium-ion batteries using planes. Due to these tightening safety restrictions, we are no longer able to include a backup battery in our Expedited shipping orders if you would like to receive your package in the following prefectures:

Kyushu Region (Fukuoka Oita, Saga, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Miyazaki) Shikoku Region (Kagawa, Tokushima, Kochi, Ehime)
Cyugoku Region (Yamaguchi, Shimane, Hiroshima, Okayama, Tottori)
Any Remote Islands

*As this is originally a free bonus service, there will be no discounts given as a result of falling under this new rule.

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