Eat Breakfast at Komeda

When you get into Tokyo, you might as well go out into the city from the morning to look around. For these days, I recommend going to Komeda’s Coffee. Even popular with the Japanese, the “Morning Set” is a great way to start the day!

If you order a drink before 11am, you have a choice of hard-boiled egg, egg salad spread, or Ogura-an; all with bread as a side.

Drinks at Komeda Coffee

The breakfast set isn’t the only thing that Komeda Coffee is famous for. Their wide menu with various foods and drinks is another reason why they are so popular. Here is the menu just for coffee.

Don’t worry if you dislike coffee, there are many other drinks that you can choose from.

You can find many posts of the green soda in a boot glass. The soda is a melon soda and the once with ice cream on top called the “Cream Soda” is one of the most popular drinks in Japan.

Inside the Coffee Shop

With the interior made mostly of wood, red sofas and retro lamps adorning the ceiling; the shop doesn’t come off as too fancy and is very relaxing instead. It’s also a great place to plan out your day with the food and atmosphere.