Where to Eat the Unknown Dish Popular with Japanese People

For dinner in Japan, rather than going to a place crowded with tourists, go to one that is popular with Japanese people. The Sushi Wi-Fi staff recommend a restaurant called “Kushikatsu Tanaka”.

Kushikatsu is a favorite among Japanese people

Kushikatsu is a relatively unknown dish among tourists but is actually very popular in Japan. It is skewered meat or vegetables that is then dipped in a dressing and fried. Famous in Osaka, it became so popular that it spread across Japan and is now in most izakayas (Japanese bars). One of the most popular places to eat kushikatsu is at “Kushikatsu Tanaka”. There are many of them across Tokyo so find them are easy.

Look for your favorites with their rich menu

From 100 to 150yen per skewer, and with ingredients ranging from vegetables to meat to even sweets. There are many different skewers that you can only eat in Japan. We recommend the skewered asparagus, both with and without the dressing are delicious!

Attention: No Double Dipping

【Rule for eating our Kushikatsu】
1. No double-dipping after you bite a kushi.
2. No double-dipping after you bite a cabbage.
3. Don’t dip your chopsticks in the sauce!

There is a rule at “Kushikatsu Tanaka” about double dipping. Because you will be dipping your kushikatsu into a shared sauce container, double dipping is not allowed for hygiene management. Additionally, chopsticks are not allowed in or on the sauce container for the same reason. Make sure to follow the rules when eating!

Children are Welcome!

“Kushikatsu Tanaka” is a child friendly place as it also serves as an izakaya and is loud. So, there’s no need to worry if your child is on the loud side. In addition, the menu features various foods that your child might like so that you can enjoy with your whole family.