Staying Long-term in Japan

Whether you’re an exchange student or located in Japan for work, one of the most important things to have is internet. However, getting internet in Japan is a bit complicated. With many of the websites in Japanese and English support being very limited, installing internet in your house can get very confusing. So then let’s just go the mobile carrier route you might say. The only problem is that carriers charge exorbitant fees for small amounts of data with overage fees charging even more. That is why a Pocket Wi-Fi might be your best option. Instead of getting a carrier contract or sim card, a Pocket Wi-Fi can be more beneficial for you. For one, carriers may not allow you to share your data with other devices but Pocket Wi-Fis are made exactly for that which means that you can use it with as many devices as you want; and most Pocket Wi-Fis don’t need contracts so you won’t be stuck with one company and can stop and switch at any time. Additionally, some Pocket Wi-Fi companies offer discounts on their plans for long term users.

Savings on Long-Term Plans

Comparing the Pocket Wi-Fis that Offer Long-Term Plans

Companies cdjapan LightPocket SakuraMobile Sushi Wi-Fi
Data Cap Unlimited* 100GB 50GB Truly Unlimited
Carrier SoftBank ? SoftBank SoftBank
(With Tax)
¥10,200 ¥6,930 ¥7,540 ¥7,999

There are only a few companies that have a long-term plan and here are the best options. CDjapan looks good because they say that they are unlimited but, their unlimited plan makes it so that if you use 20GBs in a day, the connection will get throttled. LightPocket with their 100GB a month data limit is pretty generous compared to most of the others. But 100GBs might still not be enough for people using a Pocket Wi-Fi as their main source of internet. The same goes for SakuraMobile, with a 50GB plan I don’t think they have enough data to make it through a month. What I believe to be the best deal is Sushi Wi-Fi. With truly unlimited data for a price that is a little higher than LightPocket and SakuraMobile it strikes the best middle ground with features and price. Especially because they have truly unlimited data so that you don’t have to worry about the internet getting throttled or getting charged extra for going over a limit.