How to get a Suica?

1. What is a Suica?

A Suica is a rechargable contactless card that can also be used for public transport and shopping at various places such as vending machines and convinience stores in Tokyo. Essential when traveling around Tokyo, with a Suica you don't have to buy tickets on public transport, but instead just make sure that you have enough money on the card and tap the card on the IC card reader at every station. The best part about the card is that you won't have to fiddle around with small change as you can charge your Suica with coins that are 10yen and above, so if you have any spare change, it can all be charged into your Suica for you next train fare or purchase at a convenience store.

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2. Getting a Suica

Suicas can be gotten at any station operated by JR East, these can usually be identified by the green colored signs at the entrances. There are Multifunction Ticket Vending Machines (these are usually black and have the word Suica on them), JR Ticket offices (called Midori-no-Madoguchi), and Travel Service Counters at which you can get a Suica. There is a 500yen deposit which is needed for a Suica so be sure to have that on hand.

3. Getting a Suica at a Multifunction Ticket Vending Machine

These machines, usually black with the word Suica on them, start off in Japanese but can be set to English on the startpage. After setting the language to English, press on "Purchase new Suica", then click on "Suica" (the other "MySuica" button is for people who are staying in Japan for a long time). You will be presented with a menu with the amount that you would like to charge onto the Suica. These amounts are not the total amount that will be charged onto the card however as there is a 500yen deposit required. To see how much will be on the card, subtract 500yen from the amount shown on the screen (ex. if the amount says 2000yen the balance on the card will be 1500 yen); it also says the Balance on the Card under the large amount.

4. Returning your Suica

It is possible to return your Suica at the end of your trip and get all the money on the Suica including your deposit back before leaving. All you have to do is return your Suica at a JR East Ticket Office. However, Suicas work as a great souvenir from Japan and if you ever plan on coming back soon, you can always use the Suica card as they only expire after 10 years of no use.

By not having to buy a ticket every time you use public transport, Suicas make traveling around Tokyo easier and convenient.

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