How to Charge a Suica Card

How to Charge a Suica Card

As I showed you how to get a Suica card in the last article, I would like to show you how to charge or add money to your Suica card. There are several ways to charge your Suica Card. This includes:
Ticketing Machines at any Station
Convenience stores
Auto Charge
The easiest way is definitely at ticketing machines in the station.

Charging at a Ticketing Machine:

First, make sure the machine is in English using the buttons on the side. Then insert the Suica card into the machine and a menu will show the amount that is in your Suica and buttons ranging from 500 to 10000yen which are the amounts that you can charge your card with. Select the amount and insert the amount or more if you don’t have the exact amount (the machine gives change). Your card should pop out of the slot you inserted it in, and you are done!

Charging at a Convenience Store:

You can charge your Suica at any convenience store in Japan such as a 7-Eleven or Lawson. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:
1. Go up to the register
2. Ask to charge your Suica card
3. Give the attendant the amount that you would like to charge
4. Put your Suica up to the contact point on the register
5. There should be a charge completed sound and your card is charged!
*Other than 7-Eleven and Lawson, you can also charge your Suica at NEWDAYS, Circle K· Sunkus, Daily Yamazaki, FamilyMart, Mini Stop, Aeon, and etc.

Warning about Charging a Suica:

As Japan is a mostly cash country, Suicas are mostly charged with cash. If you would like to charge a Suica with a credit card there is a mobile option like Apple Pay and Google Pay to which you can transfer your Suica to and use your credit card to charge.

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