This contract applies once Sushi Wi-Fi has received an online application from the customer.

Sushi Wi-Fi will test and inspect each pocket Wi-Fi device before rental, assuring all products are sent in a legitimate and satisfactory condition.

We strive to provide the best service possible for all of our renters. We utilize the Softbank network which boast excellent service in most areas of the country, though we cannot guarantee service area, speed or data traffic conditions at anywhere or any time. The provided network/device claimed maximum speeds are assuming optimal conditions, and are generally not experienced by the general public, on any network or pocket Wi-Fi device or provider.

All customers are responsible for any costs resulting from any legal processes that are conducted due to failure to fulfill a contract, or any other illegitimate loss caused by failure to comply with the contract.

All correspondence will be carried out via email using the email address registered at the time of rental or the email used in any prior email correspondences. Any failure to receive or view emails in a timely fashion (due to spam blocking or any other reason) will be the responsibility of the renter.

All customers are granted only the right for personal use of the pocket Wi-Fi rental product and may not sell or rent it to any unauthorized personnel. All pocket Wi-Fi rental products must be used only for legitimate and legal purposes. This applies to users in the renter’s party as well who may be accessing the device.

We cannot make any refunds or replacements for reasons such as coverage, service area, data traffic/speed or otherwise.

The service provided by us may change at any time depending on the circumstances of the carrier supplying the data.

Sushi Wi-Fi is not to be held accountable for damage or loss resulting from incidents such as war, terrorism, riot, labor strike, production cancellation, fire, volcano eruption, earthquake, energy trouble, weather, flooding, snow, storms or other natural disasters. The renter is responsible for operating and maintaining the device in a sanitary, satisfactory way.

The renter is responsible to make a timely pickup at the requested address, using the name that was included in the order. The Japan Post Office is unable to change the name on packages once we’ve already mailed them and is also unable to forward packages if the delivery was not completed. Sushi Wi-Fi is not responsible for undelivered packages due to delayed flights, mistakes in arrival time or post office closures. Customs, luggage pickup and immigration can often take up to 2 hours, so please be aware of that time requirement.

Sushi Wi-Fi cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies that appear in map apps or any other type of app displaying the renter’s position. The nature of pocket Wi-Fi is that apps will make a general estimation of your location, but sometimes will not be 100% accurate.

This is a per person service and is not specifically designed to be used by multiple people. If a renter thinks or knows that they or their acquaintances will use this service the way it is not designed to be used, the renter should rent multiple units to account for the usage.


In the event that the renter unexpectedly cancels their service before coming to Japan, as long as Sushi Wi-Fi has 6 calendar days’ notice before the rental starts, there will be no fee. However, in some cases there will be a cancelation fee even though Sushi Wi-Fi have 6 days’ notice. If Sushi Wi-Fi has already shipped the package and the renter cancels their order, there will be a 50% fee to cover our loss of use. Additionally, if the renter chooses to pick a device up on the same day that they ordered and they choose to cancel their service within an hour after ordering the service, Sushi Wi-Fi will offer a full refund. However, if the device has already shipped, there will be a 50% fee. In the case that the order cancelation is not within an hour, there will be no refund issued. Generally, requests for cancellations mid-rental will not be allowed due to loss of use. If a renter would like to cancel their monthly plan service within the first 3 months, there will be a fee of an additional ¥5000 as the plan explicitly states that the renter shall rent the device for at minimum 3 months. If the carrier sees a sudden surge in usage within a short amount of time, the carrier may discontinue their service with the renter.

Loss or Damage

The user must contact us as soon as possible in the event of damage or loss of the pocket Wi-Fi device/sim card. We may be able to provide a replacement depending on availability. Should their pocket Wi-Fi device become unrentable due to loss or damage incurred during the rental period, the renter may be charged the following:

  • ¥20,000 per Sushi Wi-Fi router
  • ¥10,000 per sim card (Included in every router)
  • ¥4,000 per battery backup
  • ¥1,000 per cable
  • ¥3,000 per power adaptor
  • ¥3,000 per case (Pocket Wi-Fi pouch for everything)
  • If all items are lost/damaged, the sum of these costs will be charged to your account.

In the case that the provider charges extra cancellation fees due to remaining contract term, we may charge extra above what is written above.

If the renter opts in to the insurance we have available, replacement fees will be reduced by half.

Do not tamper with the pocket Wi-Fi device or SIM card in any unintended ways. Do not remove the SIM card from the device. Do not change any settings on any of the devices. Sushi Wi-Fi is not to be held responsible in the event that the renter tampers with settings causing loss of functionality. Sushi Wi-Fi may not be able to restore functionality in the event that the renter alters settings causing a loss of connection or functionality.

If Sushi Wi-Fi is not able to charge the fee to the account on file, we will contact the proper authorities to sort the matter out.

Return of pocket Wi-Fi device

Please follow the included instructions to return the pocket Wi-Fi device. Please try to keep the package as flat as possible for a hassle-free return. Please use the included envelope and package, and please include all cables, cases, devices, SIM cards, batteries, etc. Use the soft pouch for the Sushi Wi-Fi. Failure to do so may result in a damaged Sushi Wi-Fi and you may be held responsible for replacement.

Late returns

Users will be charged for late returns based on the shipping date of the return. Users will incur a ¥2,000 per day per device fee. If we’ve not received any contact regarding the package within 4 or more days, we may bill the account with the charges listed above in the “Loss or Damage” section. The system will bill based on the RETURN SHIPPING DATE stamped on the envelope, not the date you hand the package to another party to handle shipping. In the case that hotels or other parties return the package late, the renter will be held responsible. It’s a good idea to request that the package be picked up the same day.

In the event that the user takes the pocket Wi-Fi device to their home country and must return from there, you must indicate in the NOTES section the following: “Rental property which belongs to Sushi Wi-Fi. This is not a purchase, and these are all made in Japan.”. Please make sure to indicate that everything is made in Japan. Otherwise a consumption tax will apply (Generally about ¥5,000). In cases where this occurs due to failure of including this information, the renter will be billed for this consumption tax.

Sushi Wi-Fi may cancel this contract without obligation to notify customers once it confirms any non-fulfillment of contract, such as unreturned equipment or false information in the contract. After cancellation, Sushi Wi-Fi may contact the customer to recover costs associated.