How to return your Suica

Once your trip in Tokyo is over, you can return your Suica and get your deposit back. Of course, if you plan on coming back to Japan within 10 years (the card expires after 10 years of no use) or just want to hold onto it as a souvenir, you don’t have to return it. Otherwise getting a refund on your Suica is a good option.

How to get a refund on your Suica:

Refunds of your Suica are available at any JR East train station at the service counters (Midori-no-Madoguchi) or if you are flying out of Narita Airport, in the Terminal 1 Station; please note that there is no refund machine in Haneda Airport). If you choose to return your Suica at a service counter, please keep in mind that there may be a long line as many people use them to buy tickets for the Shinkansen or bullet train, so set aside some time. We recommend going midday during a weekday or going to a relatively small station if you want shorter lines.

NOTE: Make sure your remaining balance is ¥0 before getting a refund

This is because there is a ¥220 “processing fee” which is subtracted from the remaining balance but not the deposit. Therefore, if you make the remaining balance ¥0, you won’t be charged anything, and you’ll get your deposit of ¥500 back.

How to get your remaining balance to ¥0 on your Suica:

The best way to use your remaining balance is to use it at a convenience store. You can use your Suica to pay for part of a bill which means that you can use your Suica until there’s no remaining balance and then pay the rest in cash. Now you won’t be charged the “processing fee” and get your deposit of ¥500 back.

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